Several hypotheses have been constantly being formulated, some of which have been very successful. This is the case of sirtuins in epigenetic regulation. Epigenetic regulations represent changes in the functioning of a gene through exposure to the environment and, consequently, changes in an organism. This includes changes in genes caused by food, in the way they nourish the body and also by the air we breathe. These epigenetic changes are additions to our structural genetics and occur towards disease or full health, depending on the lifestyle we adopt.

In turn, sirtuins are a set of enzymes that act in the maintenance of cellular longevity and that can be stimulated through the administration of some dietary supplements.
If you administer NMN, NAD, Resveratrol, Metformin or other substances to the body, they will stimulate the production of NAD and consequently the production of energy. Worst of all, to produce energy at this level, pre-existing energy is needed. And in a weakened organism there is no energy available for use. Do you understand the impasse?
Our main argument aims to make the production of energy by mitochondria stable at the expense of increasing this production which would lead to an increase in the formation of free radicals leading to cell destruction.


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With the advent of the corona virus epidemic, we are interested in researching the infectious viruses that exist and practically everyone needs to penetrate a cell in the body to reproduce. This is undoubtedly the only possible mechanism for a virus to be able to efficiently produce an active disease. However, to penetrate the cell that provides the raw material for replication, there must be an acidic pH condition around the cells to be infected. If there is no acidic condition in the body, no virus will penetrate the cell and replicate itself. Only the Sendai virus can do this, that is, it can multiply under any condition in the body. However, the Sendai virus does not currently produce any disease in humans. During our research, we found that the human body works well with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Below the pH of 7.35, viruses will feel free to invade cells and replicate. Scientific studies show that we can control the pH of the body through a vegetarian diet without dairy. Knowing this, the following actions already proven by science can be of great use to decrease the activity of any viral element.

1-Vitamin C ( )

2-Jala Neti (therapy to wash the nasal cavities with salt water, )

3-Avoid foods of animal origin, especially dairy products during the pandemic.

The natural movement of protons is to enter and exit mitochondria similar to the movement of ocean waves that go to the beach and return into the ocean. This movement promotes a movement of electrons through the membranes of the mitochondria and thus provides energy for the chemical reactions that will move the organism. In turn, the movement of electrons through the membranes of the mitochondria causes the protons to enter and exit the same.


8-If there is an excess of protons provided by the food, there will be a compromise of the mechanism described above.


9-With an excess of protons inside the mitochondria, energy production is compromised.


10-With the production of energy by mitochondria compromised the process of chemical reactions of the whole organism is compromised.


11-Inadequate chemical reactions occur that will produce free radicals that will initiate a disease process.